The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 07 January 2021

India’s maritime domain awareness

  • India has coastline of over 7000 kms and this coastline has to be protected and guarded in this regard. Indian Navy plays a key role and of course is supported by the Indian Coast Guards.
  • There are various threats that emerged and need to be tackled like pirates, enemies, sea robbers, terrorists and so on. The Navy makes use of various tools like surveillance, capturing footprints, and radar stations tries to tackle the same.
  • The major threat that lurks in the present-day scenario is the rise of China and greater Chinese presence in the region after the Galwan Valley Clashes. Indian navy has witnessed and surveyed the same. India has to focus more on the Eastern part of the Indian ocean where the presence of China is more.
  • In this scenario we have also seen that there is greater collaboration with 7 countries like Bangladesh, Seychelles, Sri Lanka inter alia who have placed their liaison officers in the Indian Navy’s Information Fusion Center for the Indian ocean region, also several Indo Pacific nations like USA and others have been joining the same.
  • France has always been a key player for India as it has more presence in the Western Indian ocean and even India has been e part of the RMIFC or the Regional Maritime Information Center under the aegis of the Indian Ocean Commission at Madagascar. France is great friend of India and has an observer status in the Indian Ocean Commission.
  • India also has to play an important role in the South Asian region and in combatting China as China has great technological abilities and has been developing stealthier submarines that are more powerful and dangerous.
  • The littoral region of the Indian ocean region is important for India not just for security but also for the economy and related aspects. Cooperation is important in this regard and India has taken several initiatives for the same.
    • GSAT 7A, the satellite will help India in getting various kinds of information
    • The SAGAR initiative or the Security and Growth for all in the region is an initiative of PM Modi that can be advantageous.
  • All in all, flow of information of not just one kind, also aim at synergy and cooperation as well.

Fighting prejudice

  • The author in this article talks about the importance of social interaction and mentions about prejudices.
  • What are prejudices?
  • These are the preconceived notions that we carry about a person, people, community, religion, animal, place and so on. These prejudices can stem from our beliefs, ideas, thoughts, experiences or even ideologies.
  • The prejudices play an important role in promoting disharmony, discrimination and disparity in the society, particularly when it comes to religion.
  • In India there are two dominant religions, Hindus and Muslims that have co-existed since the longest amount of time but there are also instances of conflicts and issues. This predominantly comes from prejudices that are existent in one’s mind about the others.
  • The author also mentions about the pandemic and how it has caused a collateral damage. A hypothesis presented by a popular psychologist Gordon Allport has been mentioned in the article that is called as the contact hypothesis. This talks about how the prejudices in people’s mind can be reduced if there is contact and friendship. Hence this can be done in the Indian context. Due to the pandemic people have been further divided and there is less interaction and this has contributed to the growth of prejudices as well.
  • The author also mentions that the formation of Ghettos of a particular religion hails from the fact that there are prejudices that make people not provide homes to a particular community.
  • We need to break these stereotypes and become a more mature and civil society.

BREXIT and India

  • BREXIT has now become a reality which simply means Britain’s exit from the European Union.
  • We need to understand the impacts of BREXIT on India.
    • India and UK have been big and great trading partners so much so that UK is the largest investor in India among the G20 nations.
    • India also invests a big chunk of money in UK but we have to understand that due to BREXIT the investment scenario will be affected which will in turn implicate on the economy and Balance of Payments.
    • The Stock market of the world will be affected as London has one of the biggest stock exchanges also Pound Sterling is a highly volatile currency.
    • UK and EU would contribute 23.7% to the Rupee’s effective exchange rate and the BREXIT will lead to further weaking of Indian Rupee.
    • Several Indian businesses were set up in the UK and they would send remittances to India. They also would have cross border access to commodities from EU now the borders are closed and this would affect them negatively.   
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