The Hindu Newspaper Analysis–30-10-2020

Stronger supply chain

  • In this article we talk about the supply chains in the present-day scenario. The supply chains across the world have been severely affected due to the pandemic.
  • Supply chains are basically a way to supply raw materials to keep the supply going from various sources be It, domestic or international.
  • Supply chains across the world can be affected due to various factors, both man-made and natural. The man-made ones can be, for instance, terror attack, demand-supply mismatch, trade war among others.
  • However, the pandemic was a natural one and Indian Pharma industry was worse affected due to the its dependence on China for active Pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • Several countries came together to form the SCRI or the Supply Chain resilience initiative to cater to the supply chain scenario across various sectors and which could be taken advantage during the times like a pandemic.
  • India cannot allow these disruptions to affect the supply chains in the nation and Indian cannot be hostage to other nations in this regard. As we saw with regards to the Pharma sector, we also saw the automobile sector where we are dependent for several parts even the same scenario with electronics and defence industry.
  • We need to fix this scenario and cater to the gaps in this regard and this is when initiatives like the Atma Nirbhar Bharat or Self-reliant India comes into picture where we can strengthen our capabilities also fix the supply chains in this regard.  

Electoral Bonds Scheme

  • This article talks about how the electoral bond scheme is not catering to the idea of an electoral democracy.
  • What is this scheme?
  • Through the electrical bonds, the donation to the political parties takes place and though these are called as bonds, they are similar to promissory notes and do not bear interest.
  • They can be bought singly or jointly by an individual or a company or an entity incorporated in India and in the multiples of Rs. 1000.
  • They can be only used to donate to the registered political parties that have secures about 1% votes in the Lok Sabha election or the Assembly elections.
  • This was bought in with various aims,
    • To have clean political funding
    • To root out black money
    • To get rid of anonymity in political funding
  • But the fact of the matter is that with the incoming of the scheme, the anonymity has increased as the names of the donors is not mentioned in the same.
  • The recent information by the Central Information commission told us that this information cannot be sought under RTI. This is seen as a violation of fundamental rights as this is a part of the freedom of speech and expression.
  • Also, the voters have the right to know about information like the cases on the candidate also his educational qualification then why not about who has funded his election campaign?
  • Here, the whole purpose of the bonds is defeated as the public is not entertained, becomes a way that the electoral democracy is sabotaged.

Conservation of Forest Rights

  • In the previous years 39 places covering various protected sited were declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO, out of these 10 are in Karnataka.
  • This move added with the declaration of Western Ghats as ecologically sensitive zone has added to the fear of the indigenous or tribal people about their habitat and existence.
  • The tribal people pr the PVTGs consist 44.2% of the population in the western Ghats and 6.95% of this population lives in Karnataka.
  • These people are protected under the Forest Rights act of 2006 where they are called other forest dwelling communities, they completely rely on the forest for their existence including food and livelihood.
  • Karnataka as a state has a dismal record of implementation of the forest right act of 2006 where the Ministry of Tribal Affairs data provides that only 5.75% of those claims made were settled and over 70% were disposed of in this regard.
  • This was done as the process or the procedure followed by the Govt is flawed and the Govt is unable to differentiate between the tribal community and other forest dwellers.
  • The author says that this aspect defeats the whole purpose of conservation.
  • The indigenous people seek land which is fairly small and only what they deserve based on the criteria and it cannot be done so by all the people.
  • Already we have seen that the infrastructure projects have taken up most of the forest land of this people and this is the least we can do.
  • In the name of conservation, we cannot endanger the lives of this people, also we need to legally empower them, build trust with them and secure them. All in all we need to provide them with the right place as equal citizens.  
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