The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 29 January 2021

COVID 19 situation

  • This editorial brings out the COVID 19 situation in the country and across the world.
  • In several nations, the cases have been on a rise but in India, there is a good decline in the cases. The Govt. now has relaxed the protocols by allowing more occupancy in the cinema theaters, in swimming pools also will allow for wider air travel in the coming time.
  • We need to note that this provides an impetus to the economy and will revive the sectors that have been affected but, on the flip side, they have the potential to contribute to the rising cases.
  • We are also seeing that vaccine hesitancy among the people has been on a rise as the phase III trials of COVAXIN are not yet out and hence people have been hesitant to take the vaccine as they are worried about side effects among others.
  • Having said all this, we need to make sure that public health measures needed to be taken seriously which include sanitization, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and so on.
  • We have to understand that the decline in the number of cases doesn’t mean lower vigil or not taking precautions as the vaccine is not the endgame. The virus seems to witness a mutation is various countries like France, UK, Japan, South Africa among others.
  • Hence, we can expect from the Govt some measures that they will undertake, how they will be able to bring out a policy that will inoculate the other rungs of the population apart from the frontline workers.
  • We need to make sure we are taking the right steps in this regard and make sure we are vigil about what is happening around us.

Sports Today

  • In this article, there is a discussion about the question as to why haven’t other sports reached the heights of cricket where two speakers are providing their opinions.
  • The reason why cricket has reached this height is that it has spanned over a long period of time. When India won the 1983 world cup, cricket was not mainstream and since then it has achieved the limelight. Hence, it is said that the other sports should begin with such miraculous achievement followed by a very long duration time period.
  • The speaker quotes about chess which achieved the mainstream only after a long time when we got our first grandmaster in the form of Vishwanath Anand. After this people became aware and started to pursue chess, back then it was just books that would serve as a source of information, not the internet or phones. Hence, time is what we need in this regard.
  • Then we can speak about the coaches, where we are not needing just players but also coaches who will train the players also inclusive of infrastructure. We also need to stop our reliance on foreign coaches and become Atma Nirbhar in this regard.
  • Then we discuss the role of media; media is not being partial towards cricket rather it is showing a good amount of content about others. The media is showing people what they want to see and hence we cannot blame the media.
  • Visibility is important as it influences people’s opinions and choices. Cricket is presented as a viable game with wide and live coverage which makes people attracted towards cricket and encourages children to play more than other sports.

People need good coverage of other events and sports be it, badminton, table tennis, among others so that people get to understand the importance.

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