The Hindu Newspaper Analysis–28-10-2020

Making 2021 better

  • The year 2020 imposed several problems not only on India but around the world. These problems had a domino effect on the Indian scenario.
  • The problems that came with 2020 are as follows:
    • The COVID 19 pandemic which caused over a lakh death in India
    • The lockdown imposed affected the lives of over a crore Indian people
    • India suffered one of the worst standoffs with China in the Ladakh region in form of the Galwan Valley clashes and resulted in the loss of life for our soldiers.
    • The militant violence in the Jammu and Kashmir region and the Naxalite violence in the red belt continued to persist.
    • Political polarization has been rampant in the year 2020.
    • Elections have been considered as a vital part and currently West Bengal is a battleground.
    • The economy has plummeted and we have entered a technical recession.
    • We have scored dismally low in indices like the Human Development Index or the Global Economic Freedom Index.
  • The repairing for all these issues has to be done in 2021 but the fundamental question is where to begin from?
  • These major changes will be expected in a high regard from the current ruling dispensation as they have delivered well on the promises.
  • The author says that the electoral victories are not enough and the seriousness of the challenges have to be considered.
  • The various things that can be taken into consideration are as follows:
    • We can look at the foreign policy scenario and the Indo China issue has to be sorted. A new view or a paradigm shift is needed in this regard. India is seen as only nation that can take on China in the Asian Continent and this has to be considered in the right way.
    • India should focus on the economy and the inward-looking strategy should be evaded and outward looking strategy has to be taken into consideration. India should push its export capacity and make use of diverse opportunities as well.
    • India should press for job creation among the youth and set the disruptions in the labor market. The demand should be stimulated in the economy and keep the economy afloat.
  • The way forward is that the Govt should restore confidence of people in the constitution, its propriety, its principles and practices as well. The wrongs in the market should be set right and the crisis of confidence needs to be corrected. Balance has to be struck also the state and center should cooperate in this regard.
  • This will make place for democratic future of India.

Vaccination Policy

  • India plans to vaccinate 300 million people in 6-7 months and the priority has been given three segment of people-
    • Health care workers
    • Frontline workers
    • Population of above 50 years of age
  • This is 20% of the population and will all be vaccinated by August 2021.
  • The vaccines that are being procured needs two doses and in total we need 600 million doses.
  • The Govt has struck a deal with the Serum Institute of India at Pune for Rs. 500 million doses and this makes it a world’s largest producer of Vaccine.
  • The Govt has prioritized the Health care workers and Frontline workers as they are most exposed segment of population and are very vulnerable to infections also can be potential carriers of the same.
  • The objective of a vaccination drive is to provide protection to those people that are vaccinated also slow down the spread of the virus transmission.
  • The author has put forth a debate ahead of us where he speaks about the logic behind prioritizing the old age people. Though this people have low social mobility, and low interaction, we have prioritized them in this regard, the argument is that the people are more vulnerable to the virus and can lose their lives.
  • The role of the private hospitals has also been spoken about where it is reduced comparatively as the Govt is involved in procurement of the vaccine from domestic sources, distribution of the same through public places also the entire cost of the same has been borne by the Govt.
  • If the vaccine will be tried to procure and distributed by the private sector or multinational drug companies will it be called as the Govt’s favor or will it be okay for it to happen?
    • Yes, as it will reduce the burden on the Govt, also will aid in import and export of the vaccine.
  • In a larger scenario we need to understand the fact that this involvement of private sector shouldn’t affect the procurement and distribution of the vaccines to the poor and vulnerable and this should be balanced in the right way.
  • This scenario shouldn’t be capitalized on and must be taken care of in the right way.

Inner Line Permit

  • In simple terms, the inner line permit is a travel document that you need to visit or have a stay any of the below northeast states
    • Arunachal Pradesh
    • Mizoram
    • Manipur
    • Nagaland
  • The travel duration or the stay duration will be determined base on the ILP and this is issued by the concerned state Govt; it can be procured physically or online.
  • How and why?
  • The ILP came into existence during the British times with the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873. This was done by the British to avoid the British subjects who were no one but Indians to stop their trade in the region.
  • In 1950 the term British subject was replaced with citizens of India and the ILP was put forward. It is now done to protect the tribal communities of these state, to preserve the indigenous culture and tradition also prevent illegal migration and activities.

The Hindu Newspaper Analysis–28-10-2020

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