The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 27 January 2021

Thought partnerships

  • The article tries to tell us about the importance of partnerships, not just general ones but also thought partnerships which will aid in getting better ideas and solutions.
  • This article starts off by mentioning the Pradhan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojana by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship which aims to amalgamate local skills with local opportunities. This has been started in 2 phases, one is the pilot basis and with this, there will be a framework for the second one.
  • This is a good effort by the Govt but better collaboration is needed in this regard. These benefits of the same will be as follows:
    • Solve complex problems
    • Provide better solutions
    • Reduce burden at various levels
    • Boost capacity
    • Boost efficiency
    • Provide additional manpower
  • These partnerships are not just physical ones but also thought partnerships. This can be also attributed to how the Govt has allowed lateral entry into civil services which will not just provide better and innovative solutions but also reduce the burden on the people.
  • The issues which will come into the picture can be of funding which is not just Govt funding but also from external partnerships which will be a committed solution.
  • We have also seen previous partnership experiences and most have worked out well in this regard but we need to know that these collaborations are not continuous but are responsive and episodic in nature. As India also faces a dearth of stakeholders and associates, this will be a better solution.

UNSC and New Delhi

  • India has found a seat in the UN Security Council and this is once in a decade opportunity for India and will provide a forum to discuss national, regional, and international issues, also discuss and negotiate world issues.
  • New Delhi finding a seat in the UNSC represents a new world with a systematic certainty, no global leadership, divided blocs, narrow interests among others.
  • We have hopes on the Biden regime that has come down that it will revive the changes and things that have gone differently as the relevance of the UNSC is also in doubt.
  • India today stands in a contemporary front where we are self-confident, resolute, and trying to be a global power with a new mindset, but we need to make sure this very mindset is not characterized in the wrong way.
  • China factor is another thing that India needs to take into consideration as it is a big menace both on the border front also how it opposes India at certain stances like it opposed India’s chair in the Counter-terror committee.
  • The USA and its treatment of China will also matter as, if the Biden regime follows Trump’s work then it will be favorable for India but India’s growing closeness with the USA will tend to sour Indo-Russia relations and we should be careful of that.
  • The next thing is the terrorism scenario where we need to counter the growth of organizations like the Taliban or ISIS through better ideas and taking into consideration political and diplomatic nuances.
  • We also need to build coalitions with like-minded nations to solve this issue and get together on issues like climate change, terror among others.
  • All in all, it is a very good opportunity that we need to take into consideration and make use of it for us also to revive the stature of the UNSC.

Reducing inequality

  • Inequality is one of the worst social problems that exist and the pandemic has added to it and worsened the scenario.
  • COVID X-ray, a term used to denote how the pandemic has shown us that the harsh reality that every nation in the world experiences like health, economic, or even general.
  • Various reports from organizations like Oxfam and IMF has spoken about this scenario and added about the growth of problems in almost all spheres.
  • On the flip side, we saw that the wealth of billionaires around the world has increased and gone up while many have been pushed into poverty, destitution, hunger, and so on.
  • Women have been at major risk as they been most affected due to health and employment and they form a major chunk of those who are highest in underpaid and unpaid jobs.
  • In the Indian scenario, we have seen that the lockdown imposed was one of the strictest in the world with many people suffering from the economic crisis, unemployment, hunger, and experienced showed the worst labor migrant crisis in the world.
  • Even in India the rich have been saved with the wealth going up and even the white-collared workers have been saved but the Indian economy has now entered a recession.
  • The ILO data has said that more than 90% of the workforce in the country is informal and the pandemic has made most of them jobless.
  • Solutions for the same are as follows:
    • Universal healthcare, education, and public services
    • Universal vaccination for all
    • Job security for people
    • Progressive taxation and increase in wealth tax
    • Investment in the green economy
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