The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 24 February 2021

Transfer policy

  • The article speaks about the arbitrary transfers of public servants and the role it plays in their work.
  • We are aware that good governance and proper administration can solve any issues in front of the citizens and the state and the civil servants are the heart of this procedure but this will not be possible if they do not have the security of tenure.
  • Though the civil servants have dedication, innovation, and energy in them, they are unable to put this into action as they do not have the security of tenure.
  • The author mentions the example of Jammu and Kashmir and speaks about how the arbitrary and quick transfers do not provide the security of tenure to the officers and most times a district is used a testing lab.
  • The officers are allowed to serve for a very short period of time and taken away, the demoralizes the officers and others working there, it acts as a collective punishment to that place and adds discontinuation, alienation, and desolation.
  • He provides an example of the Shopian district in Jammu and Kashmir which is popular for militant activities and protests and which was accorded the district status in 2007. Since then, to today, the district has seen 13 Deputy Commissioners who have all served for less than 2 years.
  • Interference from the local politicians cannot be an issue as in this region there is no representative for this region.
  • Due to this, the people’s participation is also affected.
  • The author mentions the analysis by SUPREMO or Single User platform related to Employees online which is a database under the Dept. of Personnel, GOI; it says an average posting spell of a civil servant in India is 15 months only. Though it is increasing now but the lower limit seems disturbing.
  • The author mentions the examples of Ashok Khemka and Pradeep Kasni who have been transferred 50 times and 65 times respectively in their career. The minister of personnel and public grievance says he is helpless about the same.
  • We need to correct this by having proper transfer guidelines and policies and let it not get undermined like how it is happening now.
  • Arbitrary transfers cannot be a thing today and the second administrative reforms committee and the Hota committee also provided for the same.
  • We cannot let favoritism or corruption play a role and politics interfere as well. It not only affects the work of the civil servants but also the values on which their work stands like neutrality, impartiality, and anonymity.

Fuel Efficiency

  • The author of this article speaks about how we can achieve fuel efficiency, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and have zero emissions.
  • The author mentions the NEMMP or the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan or the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) scheme that has been created to develop a conducive environment for the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles and infrastructure with charging stations, battery production, and better R&D as well.
  • Apart from this, the author mentions other steps we can take to achieve energy efficiency,
    • The ZEV or the Zero Emissions Vehicle program would require the manufacturers in India to produce a certain number of vehicles that are electric or hybrid. This has been a policy in countries like the USA, Canada, China Etc.
    • The author mentions how the Govt should also strengthen fuel efficiency requirements in the nation for various kinds of vehicles.
    • Two-wheelers in the country are one of the largest consumers of petrol in India and if they are subjected to these requirements, it will help in reducing the pollution levels, also reduce our demand for petrol.
    • We need to push norms to other vehicles like commercial vehicles, three-wheelers, buses, tractors, and so on.
    • This will us to not allow fuel efficiency and push the economy to a further level create more enabling jobs for the people of the nation as well.
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