The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 24-10-2020

Polls during the Pandemic

  • The world is suffering from the pandemic due to the virus called as COVID 19 pandemic and this very virus has seemed to mutate in UK and it is seen that it can be the same elsewhere as well.
  • Various countries around the world have held elections during the pandemic and were carried out successfully for example, USA, South Korea and India as well. This was one kind of a calculated risk taken by the nations and millions of people have voted in the same.
  • This is a move towards saving the democratic setup and to save the democracy. People have exercised their political rights and made their choice by exercising their personal liberty by putting forward the fact that not even a pandemic is a hinderance in having a democratic world order.
  • The author has drawn three similarities between the Elections held and the pandemic, in elections there are
    • Voters or the public
    • The candidates contesting the elections who have vowed to stand up for the people and
    • The Election Commission of India that should make arrangements in the same
  • From the pandemic, there are
    • The public that should be protected
    • The health care system that should protect us
    • The health policy guidelines that make arrangements for the same
  • The elections in Bihar were a fine example of how polls could hold during the time of a crisis and we have upcoming polls in regions like Tamil Nadu, Assam and West Bengal and if this is not done in the right way, the Election commission could be taken into account as in India elections are not just about voting but about rallies and big speeches made.
  • The steps that can be taken into consideration for conducting polls during pandemic are as follows:
  • The staff that is a part of the elections process like the Election commission staff, the election duty staff and the security forces need to be placed in the priority category for providing the vaccine so that they can perform the duties without the fear of their lives.
  • The rules should be put in place for the voters where they should be
    • Made to wear a mask mandatorily before entering the booth
    • They should be sanitized, also the equipment and others have to be sanitized
    • The senior citizens should be prioritized where they can be made to vote in the first 3 hours of the voting process and a separate row has to be made for them.
  • So, all in all the motto for the elections this time should not just be free and fair but also free, fair and safe elections as well. The priority should be not just to save the democracy but also to keep people safe and not risk their lives.


  • Jallikattu is a cultural practice and a sport practiced in the region of Tamil Nadu. Here, the Bull is the bough to the ritual place and is irked or provoked, then participant has to embrace the Bulls’ hump and try to tame the bull or stopping it.
  • This sport or practice is conducted during the time of Pongal or Mattu Pongal where the word Mattu in Tamil means a Bull. The bull gets importance more than a Cow as the Bull the people in ploughing the field, pulling cart of goods, mating which results in more production and so on.
  • The word Jallikattu comes from words ‘calli’ meaning coins and ‘kattu’ meaning tie where a pouch or a bunch of coins would be tied to a Bulls’ horn and the tamer had to remove that post which he or she would be the winner of gold and silver. As time progressed, the practice changed and evolved in this regard.
  •  The practice of Jallikattu is an ancient practice has been mentioned in various places for instance,
    • There is a seal of the Indus Valley civilization which depicts this very thing
    • A cave painting from 2500 years old has been unearthed depicting a man taming a bull
    • This has also been mentioned in ancient Sangam texts like the Silappadikarm among others.
  • There have been various kinds of opposition to this practice as it believed that the Bull is injured during the practice and some die as well, also it is seen that people irk the Bull knives, sticks, alcohol and even chili powder.
  • People in favor argue that this is a part of heritage and culture and must be allowed to practice and continue.

Medium Range Surface to Air missile

  • The Medium Range Surface to Air missile has been recently test fired at Chandipur in Odisha.
  • This missile is medium in range, and is launched from surface to air
  • It has been developed by DRDO or the Defence Research and Development Organization and the IAI or the Israel Aerospace Industries and this marks an important collaboration between the two nations.
  • It has one command control system which can track missiles, radars and mobile launcher systems.
  • It is capable of transport and launch eight cannister missiles.
  • It also has some state-of-the-art facilities like advanced active radar radio frequency seeker, bidirectional data link among others.
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