The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 23 February 2021

Animal Husbandry

  • Animal husbandry is an allied sector of Agriculture where the farmers rear animals and get revenue from them with the help of their byproducts.
  • The author in this article speaks about how the infrastructure of this allied industry has to be fixed; we need to start with boosting the production and fill the gaps of the logistics.
  • The pressure on the farmer has to be reduced so that he or she can contribute well to the economic growth as well.
  • In the lockdown, when the Govt announced the relief measures, the Govt provided for the AHIDF or the Animal husbandry infrastructure development Fund. We need to note that Animal Husbandry is a significant sector and employs over 100 million people especially in rural areas; it also allows the farmers to be socio-economically independent.
  • The AHIDF was provided with a corpus of 15000₹ crores, loan eligibility was provided with 90% of the costs being covered, and 3% interest subvention with technical support was also provided.
  • The author provides that we need to rope in various stakeholders like NGOs, new entrepreneurs, and even private players.
  • We need to speak about the Milk or the Dairy sector and we need to enhance the dairy value chain with the development of chilling centers and milk coolers. There is a gap of 120-130 million metric tons that has to be fixed.
  • Processing and distribution also need to catered to and strengthened. We also need to enhance the animal feed for the cattle by adding various mixtures that will enhance the nutritional capacity of the cattle. Here, new start-ups and ideas are being allowed for.
  • We also have to speak about the poultry segment which is important because India is the 4th largest producer of Chicken meat in the world and the 2nd largest producer of eggs in the world as well.
  • These both happen to be a good and affordable source of protein and now the eggs are also being planned to be included in the Mid-Day meal scheme which will help the children get nutrition and ensure social justice as well.
  • All in all, the capacity and the efficiency of these sectors have to be enhanced and this must not be done at cost of climate and must aim to reduce the carbon footprint in the country.
  • We can also understand that this will allow the creation of over 30 lakhs jobs as well.

India and Science and Technology

  • The new idea of vaccine Maitri or vaccine diplomacy that India has been undertaken and can be seen as an advancement in the field of science and technology which has aided our diplomacy.
  • We have dispatched the vaccines to several nations, including our neighbors, African nations, and others including nations, like Brazil, the Dominican Republic inter alia.
  • India’s tryst with the advancement in Science and Technology was started in 1959 when our first PM, Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the Indian Science Congress and spoke about the advancement and development in science, he was aware of the dangers of science hence spoke about the right and fair usage of it.
  • Since then, India has done amazing advancements in Science and Technology and recently we saw the appointment of the Scientific Advisor to the Govt which is the next step.
  • We have also progressed well when it comes to the arena of space and nuclear technology and we have been competing with nations like the USA, Russia, etc.
  • We have strategic partnerships with nations like Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, etc. with regards to the S&T.
  • Domestically our progress can be measured with the incoming of the National Science Policy and the Science innovation policy as well.
  • We have developed partnerships with various nations in the arenas like cybersecurity, AI, Machine Learning, and so on.
  • With regards to the COVID 19 response, we have been self-reliant and developed our own vaccines called COVAXIN and COVISHIELD with the help of Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India and this is our push towards being Atma Nirbhar Bharat.
  • With the help of this, we will be able to help the countries and neighbors, seek global cooperation and we also need to encourage the participation of the youth and new ideas as well.


  • This article speaks about sedition which is an offense under Section 124A of the IPC and is the activity done against the sovereignty and integrity of the nation and the role played by it.
  • The author speaks about the 1962 Kedarnath v/s state of Bihar judgment of the Supreme Court which said that sedition is a reasonable restriction to freedom of speech and expression which simply means that we cannot speak unreasonable things in the name of freedom of speech and expression.
  • Then the Bombay HC saying about the Aseem Trivedi speaks about the things that are to be considered before imposing sedition charges on anyone, these include legal opinions among others.
  • This simply points out here that the implementation is the issue here. The NCRB data between 2016-19 has provided that under section 124A the arrests have shot up by 160% but the conviction rate has dropped by 3.3% which again points to the above.
  • In the time of social media what is seditious or not is something that has to be questioned and there is a rise in the number of cyberbullies and cyber-attacks.
  • The IPC came into existence in 1860 and we were then ruled by the UK and now the provision has been omitted by the UK but not by India.
  • Judiciary in this regard uses the effect-based test to determine if the convictions are true and can be used or not as seditious.
  • We need to note that the sedition cannot be used to curb dissent and the issue is not about the ideology or the person but India as a nation and respect to the principles of Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Individual dignity has to be respected and the rule of law has to be upheld.
  • The unity has to be prioritized over people.
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