The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 18 January 2021

Vaccination drive in India

  • India ran the vaccination rollout for COVID 19 which was the largest vaccination rollout in the world where in a single day over 2 lakh people were vaccinated in 3350 sessions.
  • Millions of does were administered on various people and two vaccines were used called as COVAXIN and COVISHIELD where they were available in 12 states and all states respectively.
  • It is a proud thing to note that within a span of 12 months we have a vaccine of our and we are able to administer on various people. We have to note that we are majorly administering first on the frontline workers, healthcare workers and so on.
  • But the fact that the COVAXIN and its phase three results are not yet out hence the question about its efficacy is existing and there is difference of opinion among various people about the efficacy of this vaccine.
  • It is a matter of time that India will be able to scale up vaccination since it has been doing the Universal Immunization program.
  • The way forward is that the once the phase three trails are complete, people should believe this factor and make their own decision if they should take the vaccine or not.

The new vaccine rollout

  • We all know that the popular social media app WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and with this update has allowed data to be shared with its parent company Facebook which includes private chats, photos, group information and so on.
  • This has caused an uproar regarding the same as the people are willing to share their private information and data with anyone.
  • Due to this uproar WhatsApp extended deadline of this update from Feb 8, 2021 to May 15, 2021.
  • People have now shifted to Signal app due to this controversy and the WhatsApp has tried to provide an explanation through ads and among others. Signal has become one of the most downloaded apps from the play-store.
  • It can boil down to the fact that it relies now on the laws in the country where in the EU that is not allowed and a similar regulation is needed in India to control the same.

Shadow Entrepreneurship

  • Shadow entrepreneurship is where illegal service providers spring up to offer new kinds of services. It was seen in India with the incoming of the COVID 19 pandemic and there were a demand and supply mismatch and people wanted to learn new things, skills among others.
  • Here is where new illegal service providers sprang up to provide better and new services which would not be easily available.
  • This was seen in not just one arena but in areas like finance, education, health and so on.
  • New firms which could be illegal can spring up and will affect the market and several other things.
  • This can affect the economy, the market scenario and even the internal security, for instance the loan fraud that came into picture, we realized that it was the Chinese company who played a role here.
  • Hence, we see that all this will have long term consequences.
  • The way forward here is that we need to monitor quality of these services, if there was no compliance, they should be subjected to jail term and such services have to be put on hold.
  • Proper oversight is needed as some services even the Govt provides hence it has to be monitored well.
  • But it boils down to a question that if the Govt will prioritize this when it is battling the pandemic.
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