The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 17 February 2021

India China Disengagement

India China disengagement
  • After a long period of time, we will be seeing the disengagement of the troops between India and China. The problem was quite a crucial one and even pushed India and China at the brink of war, we also saw casualties of several soldiers due to this. Post all this, if the problem seems to end it is a welcome move.
  • The disengagement is going to be done in the LAC or the Line of Actual Control region precisely north of the Pangong Tso lake, that is the Ladakh region, and the south of Pangong Tso lake, that is the Kailash Range.
  • There are also three other places that also need disengagement and they are:
    • Depsang
    • Gorag
    • Demchok
  • But the priority area for India is the region north of Pangong Tso lake which is Ladakh and it has been chosen for the reasons as follows
    • Ladakh is a tourist location and has been achieved crucial importance post the abrogation of Article 370
    • It is a habitational region and many people live there
    • Various news reports keep coming in about the region and the activities going on there
  • Hence, if there is a transgression then it won’t be a good scenario for India
  • China has focused on the south region of Pangong Tso but however, they have both come to terms and the further process would be carried out in a proper manner as well.
  • India should also be careful about the Siachen glacier region as this is the place where China and Pakistan may come together to attack India and the armed forces in the country have said that it is difficult to defend ourselves in this region.
  • The author also mentions the existence of buffer and patrol zones which the defense minister provided that was not needed; the author provided that it is important as this is a buffer region between the two countries and provides protection.
  • The Chinese perception of this particular is different as China is not as warm as India is and has said that if China can withdraw troops in a day, it can add them back also in a day.
  • India has to be taken into consideration various things that are here like the political and diplomatic nuances also India needs to learn a few lessons as well that it cannot afford to irk China and bring each other to the brink of war as China is not as considerate as India and they are far better in terms of military might as well.
  • India and its closeness with the USA and others like Quad need to also be assessed and then a balanced approach needs to be taken.
  • India has to balance this and maneuver its way out of this by also being able to balance the strategic consequences of the same.

4 Capitals and 2 Courts

  • This article is in the backdrop of the West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee propose that India should have four capitals and in all 4 direction as one is already present in the north at Delhi.
  • We need to note that more than an advantage, this move has more disadvantages and cons and it predominantly hurts the exchequer.
  • If we have 4 capitals, we need to have 4 parliament buildings where sessions will take place in a rotational manner.
    • We need to spend a good amount of money on the construction of the Parliament buildings across the cities and with it the Govt accommodations for the MPs
    • We need to spend on maintenance of these buildings
    • We need to worry about the logistics as we need to arrange for the security of the MPs whenever there is a session and even after they leave the onus of the security for these buildings will be on the state police whichever state it might be
    • The accommodation and travel of the MPs from their cities and the allowances with accommodation for their staff is something we need to consider
  • These are some basic things that we need to worry about and note that will hurt the exchequer in an impactful way.
  • The author mentions that the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911 and the Rashtrapati Bhavan was constructed and other buildings were constructed from 1927 to 1931 as well.
  • It was seen that the capital was moved to Delhi as it was in close proximity to the summer capital of India, Shimla but it was still an expensive affair
  • Likewise, in the 1980s when Tamil Nadu decided to move the capital to Tiruchirappalli, the idea was shelved as it seemed too much on the exchequer.
  • But another idea that we can have another bench of the Supreme court in southern India has been batted for and seemed like a good suggestion as it has various advantages
    • It will reduce the logistics and expenditure burden on those who have to travel all the way to Delhi from South to file and plea
    • They also have to spend a good amount of money for the same
    • It will reduce the burden on the judiciary as the number of cases from both regions have been piling up
    • It will also provide for the proper division of labor as well
  • Hence even if the idea of the 4 capitals doesn’t seem equitable, the idea of two benches of the apex courts can be taken into consideration and can be batted for as it already being done by several bar councils down south.
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