The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 16-10-2020

Digital Bharat

  • PM WANI or the Prime Minister’s WIFI Access network interface has come into existence and this is called by the author as a game changer in this regard. This scheme aims to connect the people through wi-fi connections and internet connections.
  • The wi-fi connections will be provided through the PDO or the Public Data Offices who will be provided the connection through the PDOA or the Public Data Office Aggregators. This will provide access to internet for the people of the country, also increase the proliferation of broadband services in the country.
  • The data has been presented with regards to the same
    • NITI Ayog has said that India can create 1 trillion dollars of economic growth using digital technology.
    • TRAI has said that 54% of India’s population has access to the internet.
    • NSO has said that only 20% of the population has the ability to use the internet.
    • The India internet report has in the rural India internet penetration is only half as urban areas but the users are more.
  • The author mentions the UMANG App that provides access to the people to over 2000 Govt services, and touches various themes but if people do not have access to internet then how will they have use and get these services?
  • Hence, PM WANI becomes important as it provides last mile connectivity and will include digitization. Mobile internet and the pressure on it will be reduced as 99% of the people in the country access internet though their phones and 88% are connected with 4G.
  • It will provide place to the small sellers to register themselves and earn revenue as well. This has two major advantages,
    • Interoperability meaning, they can login once and can have access across connections.
    • It provides multiple payment options, both online and offline. Also, the fees provided is very inexpensive.
  • Aiding rural connectivity, BharatNet comes into picture which aims to connect 2 lakh Gram Panchayats and gives last mile connectivity to the people.
  • The authors believe that this should be done in a proper manner and should adopt a decentralized approach.
  • The concerns and issues are with regards to privacy and security. Data and Information can also be subject to misuse and can lead to surveillance. All this should be taken into consideration and then it should be taken forward.

Justice Today

  • The Supreme court has been subject to constant criticism by the people and the people want to be an ideal institution. It is getting enough public attention in this regard.
  • Supreme court suffers from several inherent issues in this regard and they also need to be taken into consideration.
  • Spending and expenditure
    • Spending is not just about increasing the salaries of the judges and the infrastructure but also on people getting access to justice.
    • This was provided with the Legal services authority act and wanted to provide free legal aid to the various segments of population that do not have the same but this is just a dead letter and is not in practice at all. This can be expenditure that can incurred so that the court can provide proper services to all.
  • Poor Judge to population ratio
    • In India the ratio of judge to one million population is 19 to one million but in USA the ratio is 100 per million and such is the scenario in other countries. This has to be improved in the country. The Supreme Court in the All-India Judges Association v/s Union of India has said that this ratio has to be increased to 50 per million.
  • Access to justice
    • This scenario has to be improved in the country though it is not a fundamental right, it is definitely needed for the people.
    • The apex court in the Anita Kushwaha v. Pushpa Sadan judgement has defined ‘life’ and said that it implies life not only in physical sense but a bundle of rights that make life worth living.
    • People should have it in the right way and four components play a key role in this regard.
      • Adjudicatory mechanisms
      • Conveniently accessible method irrespective of place and distance
      • The process should be speedy and
      • Affordable
  • Hence its not just the court but also these factors that make it and criticizing the court alone is not enough.

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