The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 15 February 2021

Indo China Disengagement

Indo China Disengagement
  • The article talks about the recent changes in the Indo China relations where both have agreed to disengage from the LAC/Ladakh region in a strategic manner and ease the tensions.
  • This has been a significant step for the two nations, as they both were engaged in a standoff at the Pangong Tso Lake region.
  • The defense minister of India has given a carefully worded statement that this will be done in a phased, coordinated, and strategic manner.
  • The issue started in 2020 April where the People’s Liberation Army or the Chinese army made their way into the Indian region or LAC and Pangong Tso lake and increased the presence of troops. The Indian Army also retaliated in the right manner but in a subtle manner or not very offensive nature.
  • Sadly, we saw that there were causalities of soldiers on both sides and injuries also being reported, in short, we stood at the brink of a war which could worsen the troubles between the two.
  • Indian troops saw immense support from the Govt and the people and India in general got support from the world against China as Chinese policies across the world were not appreciable.
  • Now, the situation looks good as India has negotiated her way of out of this conflict with the help of military and diplomatic negotiations.
  • The author says that even when this is done, India needs to keep a vigil on what’s going on how this is done in a proper manner.

Vaccine and free market

  • India is undertaking the vaccination drive that happens to be the largest one in the world.
  • It has been 4 weeks since India has undertaken this and 8 million people have been inoculated which means 0.6% of the population is inoculated.
  • The serological survey has pointed out that 400 million people have antibodies in them but we need to that through the vaccination drive, our immediate goal would be to herd immunity and a true herd immunity is when 60% of the population is inoculated.
  • To reach that we need 780 million people vaccinated that going at this rate, that would take us 47 months more.
  • Hence the author is saying that we need to take steps in the right way and adopt the free market approach for the vaccination drive.
  • We need to allow various players from around the world like Moderna, Pfizer and others to join the race and move away from the Govt controlled approach that is only aiming at social welfare.
  • Various facets have to be considered here as the people if are healthy would be able to push the economy further and the faster we do it, the better it is for us.
  • We need to reduce the stigma related to the vaccination and bring out free market and its principles in the drive before the virus mutates and harms a greater number of people.


  • The recent excavations have provided that Dickinsonia is the earliest animal known to have been existent 550 million years ago.
  • Various kinds of fossils excavated at the Bhimbetka caves provide various pictures about the animal that was age-old.
  • The Bhimbetka caves are located in Madhya Pradesh, 40 km from Bhopal and are important as they house paintings from all three prehistoric periods, paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic age as well.
  • Paintings in these caves show various things like animals, activities, and so on.
  • The name Bhimbetka comes from the word Bhim Baitka meaning the sitting place of Bheema, one of the 5 Pandavas.
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