The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 15-10-2020

India’s progress in climate goals

  • The virtual climate ambition summit was held and it was co-convened by the UN. Prime Minister Modi participated in the same and spoke about the India’s progress in this regard.
  • This summit marked the 5 years of the Paris Agreement and India has progressed well. It has reduced its emissions by 21% over the 2005 levels. The goal is to reduce the emissions by GDP by 33-35% by 2030. Other goals include increase in forest cover and renewable energy.
  • It is seen that India has progressed well among the G20 countries and it is one among the nine countries that have worked well in this regard. In accordance to the Emissions Gap Report of UNEP G20 countries are responsible for 78% of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • The pandemic has provided an opportunity in this regard where the Govts of the world have spent over 12 trillion dollars globally for the same and this is for both environment and infrastructure projects/
  • PM Modi also elaborated on the progress of India in increasing its forest cover which will act as a carbon sink and absorb 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of carbon. Apart from this the forests also provide biodiversity services, provide resources to the community and influence climate as well. But forests and control on them has to be taken into consideration from states perspective as well.
  • India is moving forward well in the sector of renewable energy as it has a target of 100 GW and has now achieved 36 GW. To achieve the target India has to scale up its installations and this should be made a high priority.
  • India has also taken into consideration the impact of climate change on agriculture. In the lockdown the pollution scenario in the country was bettered but post lockdown the scenario changed and pollution worsened.
  • The summit emphasized on the importance of spending on the green aspect or the environment more than infrastructure. The summit will be held in 2021 at Glasgow, UK.

Tech companies and their monopoly

  • Big tech giants are ruling the roost, companies like Google, Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram have been playing a very important role. This role of the companies has been subjected to criticism and many lawsuits have been filed against them in countries like USA and European Union.
  • Google has been criticized it moved forward for using its services and pushing its services on other brands as well. Facebook and its acquisition of Whatsapp and Instagram has given extreme power to itself to acquire people’s data. Amazon and Apple have also played an important role in the business and commerce industries as well.
  • This will not affect the competitors but also the users as this affects their security and privacy. These companies hoard the data of the companies and this very data is the source of revenue for them. They use this data for marketing, target ads, influence, manipulation, political uses and even surveillance.
  • India becomes an important place for them as has a bounty; out 400 million whatsapp users, 2 million are from India, one third of the amazon share in online retail is in India, India is the single market for Facebook, Google dominates the search engine space in India.
  • Now Google and Facebook are coordinating with Reliance Jio to provide a platform to the people that will give them not just aspects like entertainment, but also news, shopping among others.
  • These companies also play an important role for the interests of the political parties as we have seen the example of BJP and Facebook scenario.
  • Privacy law in India is also not strong enough to protect the people and all this should be taken into consideration and moved ahead.

NFHS 5 Facts

  • The National Family Health Survey has been released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 22 states are a part of this survey and big states like Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, MP, UP among others are not a part of this.
  • The survey has seen that there has been increase in the following
    • Severe and acute malnutrition
    • Underweight children
    • Anemia among children and women
    • Adult malnutrition
    • Overweight and obsess children and adults
    • Increase in child stunting
  • Very less number states have seen progress in this regard and all this is accounted to the no proper diet. This is an alarming scenario and introspection is needed in this regard. It should also focus on the fact that it is not just about food and health but also about inequality in general.
  • The high rates of economic growth today also put forth inequality, informalization of labor force and reduction in wages. There has been major neglect in this regard.
  • It can be seen that only 35% of funds allocated for the POSHAN abhiyan have been utilized for the same. It has led to growth in poverty also unemployment in the country.
  • Starvation deaths were also seen in this regard where the Right to Food campaign has said that India has seen over 100 starvation deaths in the country. It is also seen that there has been decreased in the food consumption by households and massive increase in food security as well.
  • There has been good progress in sanitation, financial inclusion, clean cooking fuel availability, women’s status and so on.
  • But whatever is seen as just a piecemeal approach and a better and a proper intervention is needed in this regard. But a better intervention is needed through direct support and supplementary nutrition.
  • Schemes like ICDS, PDS and such schemes need to be benefitted and empowered. Farming and others have to be taken into consideration.
  • There are some basic determinants that cannot be ignored, and they are
    •  Household food security
    • Access to basic health services
    • Equitable gender relations

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