The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 13 February 2021

OTT Regulation

  • The OTT platforms or the over-the-top platforms were said to be bought under regulation of Information and Broadcasting ministry post which these platforms have streamlined a code of self-regulation.
  • We need to note that the OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Zee 5 among others have gained a lot of significance in the recent times as we have seen even the first day releases on the platforms and even, we have seen the growth of talent and great shows as well as movies in the platforms. They are becoming increasingly popular and well consumed by various segments of the population.
  • We can understand that the need for regulation doesn’t arise from the kind of content that these platforms provide but with the kinds of trouble the makers and others get into due to the kind of work published. Recently, we saw that Tandav controversy on Amazon prime that the show hurt the religious and social sentiments of the people.
  • In order to avoid such uproars, the regulation becomes important but it leads to a question if it will be affecting the freedom of speech and expression of the makers and the talents.
  • The self-regulation code then comes into picture which is under the Internet and Mobile Association of India which takes into account factors like
    • IPC sections violative of law
    • Women and child rights
    • Age appropriation and so on.
  • So, we need to see as how this will pan out and how the Govt will intervene in this regard.
  • If the self-regulation code is allowed to flourish in this regard then it will free speech and freedom of creativity to flourish and foster talent but if its overtly regulated then it will look like policed approach towards creativity.

India, Australia and Climate Change

India, Australia and Climate Change
  • Climate change is a global issue and we need to fight it in a sustainable and collective manner to have a sustainable future. The major arena here is to limit the average global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius and for this, we have had various summits and forums in this regard.
  • In this backdrop, we see through this article how India and Australia are going forward in this regard
    • India led CDRI or the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure has been well supported by Australia to strengthen infrastructure in this regard.
    • The international solar alliance which is a brainchild of India has been encouraged by Australia and this is a good way forward in terms of solar energy.
    • They have both also cooperated in the Water Resources Management
    • Australia has been developing low emissions technology and India will help it in global cooperation and sharing it across the countries in the world.
    • Australia India joint energy dialogue has been crucial in discussing coal gasification, hydro storage, fly ash management techniques, clean energy development, and so on.
  • We have also seen the two nations cooperate in terms of COVID 19, the information related to it, and vaccines.
  • Both nations are seeming to cooperate with regard to the traditional knowledge and cultures to fight climate extremities as both nations are home a big number of aboriginal tribes.

Khelo India

  • It is a key scheme of the Ministry of Sports and Youth affairs
  • It aims to revive the sports culture in India and build a grassroots framework for the development of sports in the country
  • It provides for
    • Mass participation
    • Identification of talent
    • Good coaching and nurturing
    • Creation of a good sports infrastructure
  • It merges schemes
    • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan
    • Urban infrastructure scheme
    • National sports talent search
  • The scheme provides for a sum of ₹5 lakh per annum for 8 years
  • Since sports is a part of the state list, the state Govts have to play a crucial role in this scheme
  • There are 12 verticals in this scheme which are as follows:
Khelo India
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