The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 11 February 2021

India and China

India and China
  • In this article the author talks about how the scenario would be if China and India get together and work on an order where the Asian continent could grow together.
  • He says that India should focus on a multipolar Asia and a global order with shared prosperity and growth of the world order and not on regional mindset and protectionist regime.
  • He speaks about how the Defence ministry provides in their year-end review, “sanctity of claims in the Eastern Ladakh” which means they have moved from using the term border and provide for an amicable solution to this issue.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs has spoken about the special and privileged strategic partnership with Russia and comprehensive global strategic partnership with US which have their own benefits and advantages for the respective nations.
  • The author also mentions the power of China in various terms, firstly in defence where through the BRI/OBOR it will try to beat the odds set by the USA even by reaching the Indo Pacific region.
    • In terms of finance Chinese currency, Renminbi will be one of the most powerful currencies in the world and China will also be the world’s largest trading economy.
    •   It also houses many big companies including in the Hong Kong region.
  • It is also getting closer to the European Union and forge a better relation with them since it is in the bad books of the USA and other nations.
  • We can also find the mention of policy elements where firstly we can talk about the EU, then the participation with the SCO and how Russia and India will come together.
  • It is coming together to go against the Quad and collaboration with ASEAN nations, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank among other.
  • China is also one of the largest contributors to the UN Budget.
  • If these nations, India and China come together we can collaborate on various aspects:
    • It will come together to bridge governance gaps.
    • They can speak about the community with shared future for mankind.
    • They can come together on climate justice.
    • On digital data, innovation and big ideas and so on.
    • Science and technology etc.
  • So, they should come together embrace the historical past and come together for the Asian continent to progress.


  • Cybersecurity of a nation focuses on protecting and defending the digital systems, computer networks among others but there are several threats like cyberattacks from malware, viruses and trojan horse added to this is the existence of disinformation/misinformation or fake news which various people use for their vested interests which include:
    • Create social discord
    • Create polarization in the society
    • Influence people’s ideologies even influence outcomes of elections as well.
  • We need to note that disinformation is becoming a major cyberthreat and this not just used to attack the computer systems but also people’s minds through manipulated information, misquoted information, deep fakes, cheap fakes, and so on.
  • The author mentions ‘cognitive hacking’ that is used to influence and hack the cognitive approach of the people and compromise logical and critical thinking of the people and penetrate prejudices in the minds of the people and create problems in the society.
  • There are methods used to spread disinformation, predominant of which is the DDoS or the distributed Denial of Service which is a well-coordinated cybersecurity attack that floods IT networks, sending requests, and drown the basic idea of providing news and facts to the people.
  • A report released by NISC (Neustar International Security council) has provided that 48% of cybersecurity professionals believe that disinformation is a cyberthreat and 91% of them believe that stricter action is needed to regulate the same.
  • We have learned several lessons from cybersecurity
    • It has to be curbed
    • It needs more investment
    • Rigorous security frameworks have to be set up
    • New guidelines, standards, and measures have to be taken
    • Cyberspace has to be properly defended, protected, and responded to
    • Defense in depth is yet another strategy given which provides multiple, redundant defensive measures against this problem
    • The source has the problem has to be traced in order to tackle it in the right way and bring a solution.
  • The author also mentions about how education is a key in this scenario and by education he means about the awareness that should be created through various means, like media among others.
  • The issues like malware, phishing among others have all to be made known about.
  • There needs to be proper coordination and cooperation among various entities to bring a solution to this problem and put an end to it.
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