The Hindu Newspaper Analysis – 09 January 2021

Central Vista Verdict

  • The central vista project has now been given a go ahead by the Supreme Court which was put on hold previously. We need to note that this project was subject to debate a questioning, though for now it is cleared, there can be more such projects that can come up.
  • It has been given a go ahead by the court some aspects of it have not been catered to or have been left unanswered. They can be as follows:
    • Does the project ensure public commitment?
    • Does it procure services effectively?
    • Does it improve the participatory process?
  • The central vista project is a unique or called as sui generis but projects like Amravati that would be the capital of Andhra Pradesh have been very contentious and spoken about. Hence some things have to be taken into account.
    • Accountability which has two aspects in like, horizontal which is state organizations with regards to the heritage and the environmental aspects. Then vertical which speaks about citizen oversight.
    • The designer plays a key role in not just aesthetics but also with regards to the cost cutting, cost incurred and such things.
    • Entry barriers need to be reduced where we can allow multiple people to participate, have quality selection criteria, focus on better designs also reduce the weightage on single player.
  • We need to get in good practices to make sure things function well and focus on both economic growth and growing capabilities.

Outdoors at night

  • We have witnessed another horrendous rape of 50-year-old women in Baduan, UP and these violent events are becoming a common phenomenon.
  • What is shocking is how a member of the National commission of Women said that “women must not go out of the houses at odd hours or must be accompanied by someone”. This has led an uproar as an organization that needs to protect the rights of women is speaking about curtailing the rights of the women and making them stay indoors.
  • This out points to how the women are affected with such thinking or social stigma and how people of the country are engrained with such stereotypes, gender prejudices, primitive mindset.
  • The NCRB data of 2019 has said that 68 rape cases are reported in India on daily basis and UP has the second highest number with 3065 cases. The post Nirbhaya was expected to be different but the scenario has not changed one bit.
  • The CMIE data has said that women account for 10.7% of the workforce that is less than half and most of them have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Men have recovered their jobs but women have not.
  • The way forward is that women need to be considered as an equal part of the society and need to be given equality in this regard.

Counter coercion

  • India has been in conflict with China vis a vis the Ladakh or Galwan valley clashes also in between the Trade war of USA and China, India was stuck in between.
  • India was irked by China during the Ladakh clashes but India’s response was not coercive though it took some military steps which was mild coercive. India tried its best to restore the status quo in this regard.
  • India also tried to strengthen its economic posture through reduce imports and banning apps.
  • India had two options in this regard where there could be full blown war or conflict or there could be confrontation and solved, India took the latter step.
  • China is superior to India both in terms of tactics and strength but was able to handle the same well. India took a political-diplomatic-military approach unlike any other times previously.
  • India has maintained its poise in this scenario as a peace-loving nation and a nation that can take on China well. India has all in all maintained the status quo with good strategy and conflict. It has played well with China even when it was battling the pandemic and it was a good counter coercive strategy.
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