Test your knowledge about ‘Mountains’

Test your knowledge about ‘Mountains’

Welcome to your Test your knowledge about ‘Mountains’

Q 1. Match the following
List I                                                                       List II
1. Mt. Monadnock                                         A. Volcanic mountain
2. Mt. Everest                                                 B. Residual mountain
3. Sadbhawna Peak                                      C. Fold mountain
4. Mt. Fuji                                                        D. Block mountain

Q 2. Which is the highest peak of South America?

Q 3. Match the following
 List I (Highest Mountain Peak)            List II (Continent)
1. Mt. Elbrus                                               A. South America
2. Mt. Aconcagua                                      B. Antarctica
3. Mt. Everest                                             C. Europe
4. Mt. Vinson                                              D. Asia

Q 4. Where is Dodabeta peak situated?

Q 5. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are extension of which mountain range?

Q 6. Which among the following mountain peak is not situated in Asia?

Q 7. Which is the highest mountain peak of Australia?

Q 8. Which one of the following is the highest volcano peak of the world?

Q 9. Which of the following mountain range has the highest average elevation in the world?

Q 10.  Which of the following mountain peak is also known by the name ‘Chomolungma’ meaning “Goddess Mother of the World”?

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