Here’s your chance to get your book published, without spending a king’s ransom.

Wondering if an Indie writer like you can publish a great book without running from one publishing house to the next?

You absolutely can, we have made self-publishing way easier than it was. All it takes is some help from our in-house editing and laser typesetting teams that will work exclusively for you, and give you detailed reports every step of the way, and guidance.

We will help you publish your work… across genres and distribution

To Start With: What is Self-Publishing?

The key difference between conventional- and self-publishing is that in the latter you have complete control over the manuscript and how it is processed through the entire cycle.


While the concept of self-publishing has been around for decades, it has come of age in recent years, thanks to the digital revolution.

With self-publishing, authors are in complete charge of the publishing process: from writing to distribution and marketing, through editing, proofreading, and designing.

Writers world-over are increasingly opting to self-publish as it allows them to remove the middleman (publisher) and get their books to the target segment of readers faster and more directly.

Our self-publishing services provide authors the flexibility to choose the extent of publishing assistance preferred. This extent is based on your budget and requirements.

Put simply, as a self-published author, you (and not publishers) are the boss.

Authors around the world are increasingly opting to self-publish as it allows them to obliterate the “middleman” (publisher) and get their books to readers directly.

Five Reasons Why You Should Self-Publish with Us.

1. Creative Control

Old-school publishing houses have extremely complex editorial, design, marketing, and distribution requirements that authors are compelled to meet, in order to get their work published.

We do not need to tell you (do we?) that these hard-to-understand processes often stifle authors’ creative independence. On the other hand, self-publishing offers you unfettered control over not just the content, but also its design, distribution, and marketing.

When you self-publish with us, you choose and decide how you want your work to appear.

Like we said earlier, with self-publishing, you—and not us—are the boss.

2. Higher Earnings For You

Traditional publishers pay royalties that are a very small part of the list price, the general trend is 10%–15%. The remaining part (85%–90%) goes to the publisher for operating costs (royalty advances, editing and production costs, marketing, advertising, etc.) and profit.

With self-publishing, you get a much larger part of the list price.

With self-publishing you are also kept in the loop as the person who decides how much your book is going to cost the reader.

The icing on the cake is that when you self-publish with us, you retain the adaptation rights to the book for television series, movies, or any other form of merchandising the content you have created. It is just fair that you should have such rights, is it not?

3. Shorter Timeline

With traditional publishers it can take months or sometimes even years for a book to reach the market.

And we are not even accounting for the time you will have to spend pitching and finally finding a publisher to work with, which can also take months or years.

On the other hand, when you self-publish with us, the production life-cycle is just a few weeks long once you submit your manuscript.

4. Guaranteed Publishing

Possibly the greatest advantage of self-publishing with us is that is that your book will be published.

New authors generally face a steep curve to be heard (read, i.e.) in the crowd. First, they need to grab the attention of a literary agent, and then a publisher, and even when that is done, there is a very good chance of their manuscripts getting lost in the shuffle.

But when the author is the publisher, such obstacles simply cease to exist.

5. Much Longer Shelf Life

Another lucrative benefit of self-publishing is that it gives your book a longer shelf life, allowing your readers to find it.

On the contrary, when you take the traditional publishing route, your book has a limited shelf-life in bookstores, where they will be replaced with newly published works every few months.

Digital books, on the other hand, enjoy indefinite virtual shelf life.

The Four Steps to Self-Publishing.

1. Prepare Your Manuscript

So, you have completed your first draft and think you are ready to
publish it. But from a finished manuscript to a published book is a long way.

To start with, read-reread-repeat the manuscript several times, make revisions. You might also consider having some of your trusted friends or mentors read it and provide feedback.Revise again.

Once you are happy with it, send your manuscript to us.

2. Choose Your Package

Though you spend hours fine-tuning your manuscript, it is strongly advisable to get it edited by a professional editor.

In fact, it is a widely followed and a necessary practice within the self-publishing sector.

Professional editing services enable authors to ensure the quality of final product and thus maximise readership.

Radian Books offers editorial, book design, eBook creation, conversion, and distribution services.

You have the flexibility to choose from any of these services and customise a package based on your requirements.

3. Submit Your Manuscript

Once you register with Radian Books, a dedicated publishing assistant (project manager) is assigned to walk you through the entire process. The manuscript is then handed over to the editorial team based on the package chosen.

Throughout the process of editing, the project manager coordinates with you to get approval for any changes and to ensure that you are always kept in the loop.

Once the content is finalised your work is handed over to the design team.

The proposed cover design and book formatting details are shared with you for your suggestions and then, confirmation. Once you approve the design, the book goes into final production (layout and cover preparation).

Based on the package selected, the entire process, from start to finish, may take 25—51 business days depending on the readiness of the manuscript.

4. Publish and Sell

It is time to publish your book and distribute. You will receive the final version of your book as a PDF for approval. Upon approval, the files are formatted for publication depending on your preference(s) (print and/or digital).

Radian Books offers print-on-demand services, which means your book can be prepped and sent to a printer who will print and distribute your book to online booksellers.

Radian Books also formats digital (ePub) files that are readable on devices such as Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.

How We Promote Your Book: The Five Tried and Tested Ways.

Now that your book is published and available for purchase, it is time to market your book to reach out to your target audience. And like the promotion of any other product, effective marketing of books also relies on a well thought-out and executed plan.

Here are a few book promotion ideas that can help you improve the visibility—and, therefore, sales—of your book.

1. Spread the Word Around

Email still reigns supreme as a marketing channel. Create an emailing list if you are a first-time author. If you are a seasoned author, you may already have one. Craft a catchy email message to draw your audience’s attention.

Research how to create engaging and compelling marketing emails or seek the help of a professional. Create an attractive press release to announce the book launch and circulate it via online press release companies.

Radian Books can, of course, help you run your e-mail marketing campaign, if you wish.

2. Plan a Launch Event

Coordinate with a bookstore or library to plan a reading and Q&A session. If the bookstore stocks your book you can sign copies that attendees purchase. A well-planned launch event can really grab people’s attention.

Radian Books can help you organise such an event.

3. Go Social

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and if used well your marketing efforts will be rewarded. Create a book page and profile; network with other indie authors, interacting, following, and supporting each other to gain visibility.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Goodreads is a great place to build a solid network.

Social media allows you to find, interact with, and engage book lovers. But don’t rely on social media alone. It’s also important to network in person. Be creative. Host a book party.

Goes without saying that we can do this also for your book.

4. Create a Blog

You should ideally do this even before your book is published. A blog not only helps create awareness but it also acts as an information source where your audience can visit to get more details about you and your book. The connections you make on your blog can help build your audience. The blog can link readers to other social media and promotional campaigns.

Establish connections, engage your audience, and let them experience your passion. You would need to ensure top quality blog content that is optimised for search engine, so that your blog is easily discoverable. Also consider trading guest blog posts that way you can boost your search engine rankings and drive traffic towards your own blog post.

Radian Books has the professional competence to ensure that the blogs you write are widely read.

5. Get Book Reviews

Connect with reviewers on Goodreads and Amazon. Approach them and ask if they will review your book. Connect with as many reviewers as you can, may be three or four times more than whatever is your target number of reviews. Apart from this, contact influential authors, book critics/reviewers, bloggers within your genre to post reviews and thoughts. Send a copy of your book to local newspapers ask if they’ll review it.

Radian Books also provide book reviewing services.

Why You Should Choose Radian Books?

When you select Radian Books you get access to high-tech publishing team with decades of collective experience to provide you with services that are recommended by Amazon for self-publishers.

You also have the advantage of working with a team with extensive experience servicing the international self-publishing market.

Kickstart the Process

You are now equipped with the information needed to self-publish your book. It may seem daunting, but we are here to help every step of the way. We will work with you throughout the publishing cycle to ensure a seamless journey from manuscript to published book.

Here’s a quick recap of our four-step process:

  1. Prepare your manuscript
  2. Choose your package
  3. Submit your manuscript
  4. Public and Distribute

This guide is intended to provide essential steps to self-publish and promote your book. It is not an exhaustive book marketing guide, but it should help you get started on the path of achieving your goal as an author.

This guide is intended to provide essential steps to self-publish and promote your book. It is not an exhaustive book marketing guide, but it should help you get started on the path of achieving your goal as an author.

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