The Revolt of 1857

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Q1. Who among the following led the revolt in 1857 at Baghpat?

Q2. Who led the attack of British Forces against the Queen of Jhansi during the revolt of 1857?

Q3. Who termed the revolt of 1857 as "the first war of Independence"?

Q4. The Governor-General of India at the time of revolt of 1857 was:

Q5.  Which of the following princely states were not one of the ‘breakwaters of the storm’, with reference to 1857 revolt, as referred by Lord Canning?

Q6. ‘Nightrunners of Bengal’, a work of historical fiction set against the background of the revolt of 1857 has been written by:

Q7. The final spark for the 1857 rebellion was provided by the ammunition of the rifles. To load the rifle, sepoys had to bite the cartridge open to release the powder. The grease used on these cartridges was rumored to include tallow derived from beef (offensive to Hindus), and pork (offensive to Muslims). Which model of the rifle is being referred here?

Q8. Sepoy Mangal Pandey, one of the prominent leaders of the 1857 revolt, belonged to which regiment of the British East India Company?

Q9. Who was the British Commissioner resident at Lucknow, during revolt of 1857?

Q10.  Thakur Vishwanath Shahdeo, king of Barkagarh of Bihar, and a rebel in the Indian rebellion of 1857, belonged to which dynasty?

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