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Q 1. Which Indian river flows into marshes of Rann of Kutch and does not form any delta?

Q 2. Which river flows through a rift valley between Vindhyan and Satpura range?

Q 3. Garsopa falls, one of the highest water falls in India popularly known as Jog falls is created by which river?

Q 4. Which among the following is a tributary of Brahmaputra river?

Q 5. Which among the following rivers’ ancient name was Vipasa or Argikiya?

Q 6. Which among the following is not an antecedent river?

Q 7. Which three rivers originates from Amarkantak Plateau in a radial pattern?

Q 8. Arrange these confluences of Alaknanda with other rivers from north to south direction
1. Vishnu Prayag
2. Nanda prayag
3. Dev Prayag
4. Rudra Prayag

Q 9. Which among the following rivers is also called Gori ganga?

Q 10. Which among the following rivers forms a bird foot Delta in India?

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