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Q 1. Line demarcating boundary between India (Arunachal Pradesh boundary) and China is

Q 2. Exclusive Economic zone of India extends up to

Q 3. International Seabed Authority extended India’s rights for exploring Polymetallic nodules in which region?

Q 4. Duncan Pass is located between

Q 5. Which among the following is not a neighbouring state of India?

Q 6. India shares largest border with which of the following country?

Q 7. Northernmost point of India is

Q 8. Tropic of cancer passes through 8 states of India. Which among the following is not one of them?
1. Gujarat
2. Chhattisgarh
3. Odisha
4. Manipur

Q 9. Arrange states from where tropic of cancer passes in east to west direction.

Q 10. How is IST related to GMT?

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