Governor General and Viceroys of India

Welcome to your Governor General and Viceroys of India

Q1.  Which of the following British act created the office of Secretary of State for India?

Q2. The treaty of Amritsar was signed during the rule of which of the following Governor-General?

Q3. Who among the following Viceroy of India was assassinated while in Office?

Q4. Who made the following statement?
“India is the pivot of our Empire.... If the Empire loses any other part of its Dominion we can survive, but if we lose India, the sun of our Empire will have set.”

Q5. Which among the following surrendered to George Washington in Siege of Yorktown (1781)?

Q6. Which Governor General established Shimla as the summer capital of India?

Q7. Lord Linlithgow was appointed as the Governor-General of India by which following British monarch?

Q8. Which of the following did not serve during the reign of Queen Victoria?

Q9. The First Delhi Darbar was organized during rule of which Governor- General?

Q10. Who announced the annulment of the Partition of Bengal by King George V?

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