Erosional Landforms

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Q 1. Mountains that are formed after the process of intensive erosion.

Q 2. Which among the following is an erosional plain?
1. Alluvial plain
2. Deltaic Plain
3. Peneplain
4. Pediplains

Q 3. Which of the following geographical feature is formed by both simultaneous erosion and deposition processes?

Q 4. Which among the following is a Karst erosional feature?

Q 5. Which of the following are coastal erosional features?

Q 6. Zeugen, Yardangs, Mesas and buttes are landforms found in which topography?

Q 7. Which among the following is not an erosional action by river in its upper course?

Q 8. Which of the following Aeolian Landform has a “ridge and furrows” looking landscape?

Q 9. Aretes are formed by the process of

Q 10. Lakes formed by the process of Erosion
1. Karst Lakes
2. Wind Deflated lakes
3. Rock Hollow lakes
4. Tectonic lake

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