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Q1. Change into active voice: Jaya has been recommended by the teacher as their representative.

Q2. Identify the voice of the sentence. “The child drank the water”.
Q3. Which among the following is the opposite of ’permit’?

Q4. Out of the given alternatives choose the word with meaning similar to 'assertive'.

Q5. Change into Indirect Speech. The little lamb asked. “Have you had your lunch”?

Q6. The expression 'crying over spilt milk' refers to:

Q7. Fill in the blank using the right preposition. I began reading ___ your book but it did not interest me.

Q8. “She danced with wild happiness” . Replace wild happiness with a suitable word.

Q9. Find the word with correct spelling.

Q10. Give an appropriate adverb and rewrite the sentences. “The elephant made a speedy recovery”.

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