About the Book

The primary classes form the foundation of a student’s knowledge. It is at this very level that a child grasps the fundamental concepts of mathematics. Which he/she goes on to apply to all sorts of fields in higher classes. It, therefore, becomes essential to make him/her understand these concepts very clearly. The latest syllabus prescribed by NCERT stresses on practical approach to studies, so that the child can learn the basic concepts from things around him/her.
This book is fully in accordance with the modern-day-approach towards primary education.
The salient features of the book are:

  • Completely redesigned and re-illustrated.
  • The theory is presented in a very simple language and supported with examples from everyday life.
  • Adequate number of questions for practice have been given in exercises to enable child to have sufficient drill on each topic.
  • The section called ‘Activity Time’ in each chapter contains relevant Maths Lab Activities. Fun Activities and Projects.
  • Another section with two parts has been added to each chapter.
    (a) Question Bag 1 consisting of Multiple Choice Questions.
    (b) Question Bag 2 consisting of a Self Assessment Test in which short answer questions, true/false questions and fill in the blanks have been given.