One Word Substitution

A one-word substitute is simply a word which can replace a full sentence with a single word. This topic is very important from the competitive exam point of view and forms a significant part of the verbal ability section as 3 to 5 questions are asked from this topic.

S. No. Description Word
1.         A person who believes in or tries to bring about a state of lawlessness Anarchist
2.         A person who has changed his faith Apostate
3.         A person blindly devoted to an idea Chauvinist
4.         One who is recovering health after illness Convalescent
5.         A person having a sophisticated charm Debonair
6.         One who runs away from justice Fugitive
7.         One who believes in fate Fatalist
8.         A person who acts against religion Heretic
9.         A person who likes or admires women Philogynist
10.     A person who speaks more than one language Polyglot
11.     One who lives in solitude Recluse
12.     A large number of fishes swimming together Shoal
13.     A large group of people Horde
14.     A funeral procession Cortege
15.     The medieval forerunner of chemistry Alchemy
16.     A keeper or custodian of a museum Curator
17.     The theory or philosophy of law Jurisprudence
18.     A building where animals are butchered Abattoir
19.     A room in a public building where outdoor clothes or luggage may be left Cloakroom
20.     A place where wild animals live (often hidden and underground) Lair
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