Dr. R. S. Aggarwal is a well renowned author and a self-made Edupreneur with more than 175 books and titles majorly comprising Mathematics, Reasoning, English, Hindi and Science, to his credit. He is perhaps one of the highest paid authors in India. His books outnumber even most of the bestsellers and are sold almost to the tune of 50 Lakh books every year. He has been writing educational books for over five decades now; starting his journey with graduate and post-graduate levels, and subsequently moving to school and competitive books in 1990s which made him gain popularity at a warp speed. Since then, there is no looking back and he has been dominating the education industry, both at school as well as competitive levels in almost all the fields.

The readers and followers of R.S. Aggarwal books range from students of schools to colleges; from students preparing for LDC to UPSC and MBA, and also those who love to upgrade themselves by studying Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude or GK. In his endeavor to make understanding of concepts easier and quicker, he has worked at the grass-root level to enhance the existing pedagogy and thereby discussing and addressing the problems faced by the students in all spheres and levels of studies.

His work is a true reflection of his principles and emanates the essence of the same. His simple, direct and easy yet apt approach towards solving the problems and grasping of the concepts has made him one of the India’s most acclaimed and revered authors and mathematician of the century. His honest and dedicated attitude towards his work has built up the trust over all these years which in turn have acted like the glue that has kept his readers- the scholars, teachers, students and learners bonded to his creations. And it is this immense trust of the readers that is the secret to his success and prosperity and made him what he is.

Moving on from your Grand-father to your father and then passed on to you, R.S. Aggarwal is being carried on like a tradition from one generation to another. After serving the education industry and the learner spectrum for last five decades, the legend is equally loved and endorsed by all the three generations.

Like every individual, you deserve the best and thus my constant effort and endeavor remains to bring out the best of education and understanding through my books to your door-step that enhances your capabilities and equip you to excel in whatever course you study. Remain limited in the concept and comprehensive in application is the “MOOL MANTRA” to success. Understand the concept from one quality book, rather than wandering clueless from one to another (leading to huge number of study hours being wasted) and then apply your conceptual knowledge to as many problems as you can. With such enriching learning experience, you are bound to become resourceful and competent. I have worked very hard to bring out the excellent subject matter and approach which if properly followed, ensures a fairly good performance in the examinations and thus results in a secured position in the examinations or admission to best of universities or Government Institutes to kick start your career. So, join us for a bright future and a successful life as our only aim remains to provide excellent content, evaluation, guidance, and thus a promising future to our students, be it board exams or the competitions. Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors!

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