Indian Polity Quiz

Indian Polity Quiz

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Q1. The term ‘federation’ has been mentioned in:

Q2. Which of the following statements are correct?

1. In the Berubari Union case (1960), the Supreme Court declared that Preamble is not a part of the Constitution.
2. In the Kesavananda Bharti case (1973), the Supreme Court declared that Preamble is a part of the Constitution.

Q3. Right to Property was deleted from the list of Fundamental Rights by?

Q4. Which of the following was recommended by the Rajamannar Committee?

1. Setting up of Inter-State Council
2. Finance Commission should be made a permanent body
3. The word ‘union’ should be replaced by the word ‘federal’
4. Articles 356, 357, and 365 should be totally omitted

Q5. Sarkaria Commission was set up to make recommendations on:

Q6. Which of the following are the functions of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)?

1. Inquiry at its own initiative on the violation of human rights
2. Inquiry on a petition presented to it by a victim
3. Visit to jails to study the condition of the inmates
4. Undertaking and promoting research in the field of human rights

Q7. The judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the Vishakha Case pertains to

Q8. Which one of the following statements about the all India Services is correct?

Q9. Which one of the following political parties was launched by Irom Sharmila in Manipur?

Q10. In which one of the following judgements of the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court of India, the ‘rarest of rare’ principle in the award of death penalty was first laid down?

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