CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 10 Math’s Standard With Solution Pdf Download

Time Allowed : 3 HoursMaximum Marks : 80

General Instructions :

  1. This question paper contains two parts A and B.
  2. Both Part A and Part B have internal choices.
  3. It consists five sections.

Part – A :

  1. It consists two sections I and II.
  2. Section I has 16 questions of 1 mark each. Internal choice is provided in 5 questions.
  3. Section II has 4 questions on case study. Each case study has 5 case-based sub-parts. An examinee is to attempt any 4 out of 5 sub-parts.

Part – B :

  1. It consists three sections – III, IV and V.
  2. Question No 21 to 26 are Very short answer Type questions of 2 marks each.
  3. Question No 27 to 33 are Short Answer Type questions of 3 marks each.
  4. Question No 34 to 36 are Long Answer Type questions of 5 marks each.
  5. Internal choice is provided in 2 questions of 2 marks, 2 questions of 3 marks and 1 question of 5 marks

CBSE Math’s Standard Sample Paper Pdf Download

Class 10 CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Math Solutions Video

CBSE Math’s Basic Sample Paper Pdf Download

Class 10 CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Basic Math Solutions Video

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