An antonym is a word or phrase that has exactly or nearly the opposite meaning as another word or phrase. This topic is very important from the competitive exam point of view and forms a significant part of the verbal ability section as 3 to 5 questions are asked from this topic.

Word Meaning Antonyms


To exclude someone from a group Endorse, Eulogize, Approve
LACONIC Marked by the use of few words to convey much information Circuitous, Circumlocutory, Diffuse


To deprive of the ability or liberty to leave Free, Manumit, Unfetter
DISSENT A strong difference of opinion on a particular subject Accord, Agreement, Concord


Lasting only for a short time Ceaseless, Dateless, Deathless


To influence by trickery, flattery etc. Repel, Disgust, Offend,
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